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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Conspicuous Devotion

Leslie and I were treated to a free night at Loews Coronado resort on Sunday. Very nice place, walked on the beach, visited my mother in law who lives near bye in the Coronado Cays.

As we were leaving the hotel, we saw this fellow walking around with this big cross. I insisted that we drive back and take his picture. And I got to thinking.

As an apostate, I don't understand what possesses people to walk around with their religious affiliation so heavily burdening their back and shoulder?  If this man meets a fellow pilgrim with an even larger cross, should it be taken as a sign of greater piety? Isn't the wheel in the back cheating, wouldn't the show of faith be even more striking if he was actually dragging the cross? Do true believers feel that it is fair to use simple machines (lever, screw, wheel, pulley, wedge and inclined plane) or does god frown on such modern contrivances? And not to sound unduly crass but what about the ten penny nails part?

So you see, this man's obsessive show of faith actually might cause a skeptical person to doubt his faith.
I certainly don't get it but I don't get most religion period. What is such a person trying to tell the world? I love Jesus more than anyone you have ever met, enough that I can never get into a taxicab or take this thing off my shoulder? Plaudits to him. The shiites have a similar ceremony in which they whip themselves bloody to show their love for Allah. I assume that this man lives his burden 24/7.

After I took the pic I saw that he was sort of accosted by someone who works for the hotel. We turned around and I rolled down my window and made a stupid statement and got a pained look back from both the cross man and my wife. I said, "Good thing it's not a star of David or you might roll down the street in a strong wind." Little sense of humor but as they say, it's not my cross to bear.


Anonymous said...


*Iron Nails Run In

Ciao Babe,


Anonymous said...

Robert, you missed the boat, the guy with the cross works for the real estate company that just got the listing for the hotel. The 4x4 cross is way too small unless he plans to crucify a kid. It is, however, just the right size to hang a for sale sign.


nystan said...

take the vignette off the image, or move it out so the wheel is more prominent....that image tells the whole story-commentary doesn't add to it....so great a shot....good on yeh!

North County Film Club said...

i just don't get it either!

Anonymous said...

This man isn't hurting anyone; try having compassion for him instead; you might be in need of some yourself someday.

windowdancer said...

There you go again...

Whatever happened to "do your own thing?" This poor ignorant bastard has a smile on his face the size of Texas so he's obviously happy with what he's doing when along comes the Blue Heron to save the day.

You're just like my father except instead of hating hippies with long hair it's the Christian with the cross you go for. Far out man.

I guess it's really true... "WE ARE THE PEOPLE ARE PARENTS WARNED US ABOUT".

For the record I am not a Christian. I do find a bit of Sardonic humor in the hypocrisy of it all though.

Then again maybe you're just doing your own thing and who the hell am I to judge anyway. I got my own cross to carry around and at the end of the day I'm just as hypocritical as the next guy.

I guess Jesus was right... Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Continue on your journey Blue Heron. Walk in peace.


Blue Heron said...

Well Gee, we got a mixed bag of comments. "Robert is going off on the christians again" or "Look at the dildo with the supersized cross, lug that puppy around long enough and you got an assured trip to the pearly gates."

I wasn't really questioning christianity, just the need to go so large. Wouldn't a tasteful little necklace do the trick? I guess size does matter...

Anonymous said...

Is there a Christian hunting season in California?
You certainly need to get a tag as you are the best Christian killer I know.
Maybe you could bag the guy with the cross and have him stuffed by a taxidermist?


Anonymous said...

I don't get this sort of display either, Robert. I agree with your questions on why it is done and find I have no answers. I guess I really don't understand the need or desire to have to proclaim to the world, either through the lugging of a giant wheeled cross or the grouping of fish symbols on the back of a mini van, one's religious beliefs. I am no bible scholar, but isn't there a passage about some dude praying loudly in the temple to show off his faith to all? Did not Jesus admonish believers to keep their faith in private? Any druthers, cool cross. A true believer would have scourged himself before lugging that thing all over "god's" creation.

Happy New Year to all.

grumpy said...

Very well put: no need to go large; go small instead; better to show one's faith by being an example to, and helping, others; practice random acts of kindness; turn the other cheek; etc; then you are a true Christian, whether you call yourself one or not.

Anonymous said...

I'm smitten with the term, "Cruicycle" rc

Anonymous said...

It may be a little late but Happy Birthday Jesus! Hang in there Man!!!

Blue Heron said...

I am sure that he says "back at you."

Anonymous said...

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Blue Heron said...

Don't think it would hurt. Not like I could catch anything. Feel free to link or borrow. Send a link to your space.


Anonymous said...

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