Tuesday, November 27, 2012


On sunday, Leslie, the accent and I cruised down to Jasmine for dim sum. There was no pause, as soon as we sat down in the large crimson room, carts started flying by and we commenced gorging like an angry locust swarm.

Barbecued pork made way for roasted duck, salted prawns, chi sau buns, spare ribs. lotus wrapped rice, shumai, it just went on and on. We fell back in our chairs, fat tummies near bursting, talking about our inability to consume a single other bite and then lo and behold another cart would roll by and we would have another go at the old feedbag.

Not exactly proud but we destroyed the place. Think we set a personal record for consumption. Felt embarrassed for the pikers next door, daintily sampling, couldn't even begin to hang with the pros.

On the way down we passed this car and the accent cracked up, spotting the new post election bumper sticker.

Powerball is up to a gazillion million. Well, really $500,000,000 at the time I write this post.

Unfortunately the game is sold in 42 states and California is not one of them so I will not be the next happy winner.

If I won I would immediately change my phone number, give each and every family member a one time stipend and then disappear into the cosmos, probably find a smallish latin american municipality that I could buy and whose people would lovingly call me king. Nothing too elaborate, maybe get carried around in a macaw feather encrusted rickshaw by a select group of luscious amazonian bodyguards adept at the finer arts of grape peeling for their beloved despot.

The odds of winning powerball are now smaller than the odds of getting hit by lightning on the way to buy the ticket, a cool 175 million to 1. So I think if not for the geographic problem, I stood a fairly good chance of winning.

Went to a soft opening/tasting at the new incarnation of Le Bistro in Fallbrook last night. Six or seven couples got to try the new appetizers, entrees and beverages gratis and give the new owners our critical feedback.

While it was not perfect, it was pretty darn good and I think with a little tinkering and time they will be able to pull it off and make it a first class dining destination. My hat is off to Colleen and Steve Aichle, who get serious points for trying to save and resurrect this long time Fallbrook landmark. Will let you know when they go into full swing. Hoping that they will serve brunch.

 I had to excise the Robert Sommers is Arafat's love child missive that I received unsolicited from points east. It was pissing a few people off and some even thought that I wrote it, spelling errors and all. Please...

Basketball fans who are watching the mighty and 25th ranked San Diego State Aztecs basketball team play the 13th ranked UCLA Bruins this Saturday at the John Wooden Classic in Anaheim will want to keep their eyes peeled for yours truly, who was just turned on to a ticket for the game.

In the old days the Bruins might have provided the Aztecs with a bit of competition but I fear that they will get mowed down this weekend, like their Pac 10 pals the Trojans did the other day. Jamaal Franklin and the Aztecs are for real.

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