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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Every day on this side of the dirt is a good day.

I turned fifty five yesterday so I believe today signals my first day as an official senior citizen. Kind of weird. I don't really know what the whole thing exactly entails, guess I enter into a whole new level of status with AARP. Anyway for sure there will be a lot of new discounts to look forward to, as well as a whole bunch of new aches and pains.

On the topic, woke up with the left knee hurting so bad I could hardly walk, the left knee that has been meniscused, anterior cruciated and medial collateralized, not once but twice since the sad day in 1978 when I destroyed it the day after a ski trip. The kenpo karate didn't help either. Now that I am a senior, I can nod wisely at Shaw's sage statement that youth is wasted on the young. Growing old sure ain't for pussies. Everything hurts in the morning. Don't tell me that 55 is the new 35. I remember 35 and this isn't it by a long shot.

I would be interested in getting some readership input, from those few souls that still bother to occasionally comment, about the sweet deals and benefits to having reached this august plateau. I know that most movies will now cost seven bucks. The boys at coffee says that major market has some first of the month geriatric discount. Anything else I have to look forward to? Besides the obvious, goiters, bunions and incontinence and those kind of things.

Truth is, like most old farts say, I still feel like a kid and don't think I am ready to grow up quite yet. So don't expect any sudden flash of maturity and wisdom. Don't believe it's in the cards anytime soon. Take it from an old guy...


Anonymous said...

You big pussy. Take it like a man, a old fucking man. Wait until you get into your sixties you crybaby.

Anonymous said...

Get your knee replaced. I got my first done before I hit 50. It runs in the family.


Anonymous said...

I turn sixty in five months, how time flies when years are counted by sandwiches sold.
Disc golf is the answer if the shoulders and knees and hips can handle it.
No I'm not even a little bothered by the meatball comment.
Happy birthday Yo.
Deli Guy.

Anonymous said...

Age really sucks and I don't see advantages to it beyond being less impulsive and stupid. Beyond that one develops a steadily increasing ability to tolerate physical deterioration. There should be some prize like geezer priapism and nymphomania but alas.......