Sunday, November 25, 2012


Would you like to make a small contribution so that thai and burmese refugee kids can enjoy a circus? A friend sends this link to the Spark! Circus.

"Spark! is an international volunteer circus organization that teaches playshops, performs spectacular fire shows, and donates toys, tools and art supplies to disadvantaged children along the Northern Thai-Burmese border. Our amazing team of twenty volunteers gives over 6 weeks of our time to bring play, creativity and laughter; reaching over 4,000 refugee and migrant children each year.  We are going from January 5 to February 22nd, 2013.

Spark! Circus has done this for the last 7 years. We pay our own way. We pay our own food and accommodation. Each of us raises funds in our own communities to donate to project costs. We work hard, travel on local buses and sometimes sleep rough. We volunteer to perform for and teach children who have nothing, not even identity papers..."

Spark needs to raise ten grand so that these children, many suffering from post traumatic stress can break out of difficult conditions and laugh and have a good time. No donation is insignificant, no matter the amount.

Show your thanks for the bounty that you have received by helping these kids have a good time.

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Unknown said...

Thank you Robert - love your blog and thanks for giving us the thumbs up - it's great work this group do, and I'm happy to volunteer to help them with fundraising and getting the message out about their work and why they do it.... You can see more about us on our website and on FB
Love and light to you. Shelley