Greater Egret

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I'm getting to that stage where everything hurts. If I was willing to submit myself to the knife I think that an orthapod would have no trouble finding significant work projects if not long term employ on my left knee, right foot and right shoulder.

The left knee has been operated on twice before and needs to be replaced. Anterior cruciate, medial collateral and meniscus are all toast. I have been bone on bone for over thirty years and it is starting to get worse. The arthritis doesn't help matters.

The shoulder used to be a problem at the upper biceps insertion, an injury I incurred after having been jumped in high school. Now the rotator is involved as well and I am having a hard time raising my arm.

Don't even want to get started on the foot and hip.

I have been in the hospital way too much in my life and hope that I can hold out with my busted parts forever, however long that is. I woke up one day in Santa Barbara and could barely walk. Festused my way to the CVS where I bought the industrial size bottle of ibuprofen. By the end of the day things had loosened up a bit. The one muscle behind the knee was taut as a whipcord.

This getting old shit is for the birds. White nose hairs and chest hairs, wayward prostate, hairs sprouting at odd locations, skin tags, aging sure ain't for sissies.


Anonymous said...

Thats terrible, but wait until you have the pleasure of old goat balls. Every time i take a dump, its like a testicle jacuzzi. Boo hoo


Anonymous said...

There needs to be some way to get warranty parts. Short of that all I can do is take a Buddhist attitude, i.e our perceptions of reality are illusory and beneath the howling of the monkey mind there is a more better reality. That gets me through the first twenty minutes of the day at least.