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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Alternate Reality

I am more leftist than the normal shmoe but at times even I am amazed by the vacuous "blame amerika first" crowd on the far western side of the bandwidth. Compared to these people I'm the second coming of Dick Cheney. Check out the comments over at AlterNet, truly mind boggling...



Richard Carpenter said...

Che Guevara did not die in Vain,,,,,,, He died in Bolivia.

Anonymous said...

There you go again! Arguing with sissy leftist greenies over shit products vs pressure cooker welfare slime. Did they ever come up with an conclusion upon which person who died had more holy rights?

FYI; Farmer Johns delicious bacon bi-products are used in Bandini Fertilizer.

Koch Bros own the LA Times. Anshutz owns AXS TV [axis power?]

Anonymous said...

Bob, don't get mad at people with different opinions. The truth is that some tragedies are news; others are just something that happens. Here in Davis two elderly people were stabbed to death in their condo--one which I knew fairly well. It was reported in our paper--twice, but nothing since then--maybe nothing happened! But I remember 20 years ago when the big news in Davis was the bike path fanny patter. A young man would ride his bike close to a woman jogger and pat her rear end while riding by. He was the headline every other day until a cyclist in back of him saw him pat and followed him home.

Not every omission is political, nor is every event that is extensively covered something of importance. The public is fickle and the press must follow--or often the press leads and the public follows. NORM