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Friday, May 3, 2013

Knock, knock, knocking...

Optical delusion. I took this picture last time I was in L.A.. Is it just me or does the right side margin seem to pull the thing into a rhomboid shape?
I have been in a pretty nasty mood of late. Wound licking after a rotten pair of shows and the paralysis of not knowing exactly how I was going to pull it off. As usual things are sort of working out and disaster is once again close to being narrowly averted, but just barely. Managed to pay bills yesterday.

I owe a couple people money, had a leak in the skylight that I didn't catch in time that took out about 5k in prints and watercolors, damaged a consigned painting during the San Francisco move out, the normal shit. I overpaid for a painting that I didn't see in person that is going to cost a fortune to restore to make saleable, my fault. If I hadn't overspent all would be cool right now.

Two shows back to back, two weeks on the road plus prep, it's getting harder and harder. Lot of time for me to have to be charming and nice. It took all week to put my shop back together, left me completely worn out.

Because of the general pattern of life's events trying to knock me out of the box, I have really not been my normal cheerful self, don't want to engage whatsoever. Haven't played guitar, taken any photographs, read or written (with the exception of my giant flaming session at AlterNet), done any of the stuff that usually makes me a happy person, can't afford myself the luxury until I right my personal ship. Not good company.

I know what I won't do again. Del Mar or Hillsborough in April.

I did take this picture of one of the chicks and red tailed mama the other day with the smaller lens. Not perfect or sharp but you get the general idea. Hawkchild is growing up.

In a perfect world I would travel to Hawaii at some point this year and decompress on a hot beach. In the world that I currently live in I will settle for getting my monthly bills paid.

Found one benefit of getting old. Cashier at Major Market timidly asked me if I was fifty five or older the other night. When I assented that I indeed was, I found out that hot damn, first wednesday of the month is now ten percent off for us old timers. Went out and bought me a nice steak.

I bought this beautiful navajo rug in San Francisco from Bill. It had been in a fire at some point. Very large, 7 x 9'. I believe it is what is known in the trade as a mo-fo. I guess that it is an antique Crystal with Ganado and Teec Nos Pas features. Unusual size and good classic design elements. Nice carded gray end panels. Perfect for that third house in the Hamptons, the Wisconsin hunting lodge or even the casita in Placitas.

I am going to have to re weave the burnt areas as the rug cleaner tells me that the carbon stains won't come out. When I do we will have ourselves one beautiful room size rug. Very rich red background. Minor bleed. The danger with these things is that your rug cleaner kills the red. I am going to do my best to see that that doesn't happen. Will post a picture if it ever gets finished.

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grumpy said...

awesome rug. good luck on the restoration.