Saturday, September 6, 2014

Omar new head of El Shebang

Infidels beware, Somalia's most exciting  Islamic rebel group, El Shebang, today named Abu Ubeid Ahmed Omar to be their new leader following the killing of the previous leader in a U.S. airstrike.

The Somali militants unanimously selected Omar on Saturday at a meeting in an undisclosed location in Somalia, said rebel commander Abu Mohammed. Omar is believed to be an assumed name, and the new leader's real name is not known.

"It was time to call the kid up from the minors. He's really done everything we've asked from him. Five tool terrorist."

Omar has a long history with the firm, starting out in the terrorist mailroom and working his way up from the bottom smiting and beheading before assuming the titular helm of one of the leading terrorist groups on the scene today.

"I'd like to of course thank Allah and all the little people without whom I could never hope to maraud and pillage. And of course my agent."

Omar may want to stay away from his phone and stop looking out the window. Just saying.

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max hall said...

You're on a roll Blue. I've been thoroughly enjoying all of your posts.