Tuesday, September 30, 2014

…put away wet

I'm crispy, toast, burnt, fried, sizzled, pooped, pow, wrung out, driving on fumes. Texas just kicked my ass, as did the month in New Mexico and I am emotionally and mentally spent.

Frazzled, can hardly complete the most simple task. Close to being nonfunctional, has taken over a week and the shop still isn't back straight.

Like most of us, tomorrow I get to pay bills…

On top of it all, my dad isn't doing well and is going to require an 11 hour trip this weekend. Then a show in Palm Springs (Modernism) and on back to Santa Barbara. Death March 2014. But I will get through it.

I'm feverishly scratching, must find bedrock. The immediate future is weighing on me, as is the recent past. Casey Jones you better watch your speed…

Cop pulled Heisenberg over for speeding.

Do you know how fast you were going?
No, but I can tell you my position in space.

I was at the gym the other day and the owner, Matt, an affable ex hockey enforcer from Saskatoon, confided that a lady, a middle aged woman, was complaining about the music.

Gym music is always a hot issue of contention. He told me that he cocked his ear and said, "Um lady that's the Beatles," realizing that they were actually listening to Lady Madonna. She walked away, "Well, I never heard them sing a song like that."

One of the highlights of my trip was the Jetsons' style one minute pancake machine in Wilcox, Arizona. You pay a little more at this Holiday Inn but they get credit for trying to extend a foot into the space age.

While the final product was just a tad rubbery, it was definitely edible and I would do it again. Push a button and presto!

Kudos to Warren for bringing me back a quarter of a junior's cherry cheesecake from New York. Incredible.

Have you ever checked out my collaborative music blog, Birdseye Music? If you like a wide range of music, from psych to blues, jazz to pop, you may want to give it a listen.

Reading a very interesting book, The Invisible Gorilla, How our intuitions deceive us by the Harvard Nobel Prize winning psychologists, Chabris and Simons. You can look at their website here. Very interesting work on how our minds can deceive and our perceptions fail. Apparently we perceive what we expect to perceive. We are introduced to six illusions in this book, the illusion of attention, memory, confidence, knowledge, cause and potential. I am not finished with it but can't renew because somebody else has it on hold. Will revisit later.

Red Kiva © Robert Sommers 2014
Knock knock.
Who's there?
It's the religion of peace.
Religion of peace, who?

I needed an oil change and had a bunch of sniggling matters attended to on the van and we put it up on the blocks at the mechanic's today.

We could see the red paint of the tire rim that I hit doing seventy scraped down the underside of the vehicle. Another half inch higher and I think that I am truly toast. Very lucky.

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