Tuesday, September 9, 2014

El Pueblo

I first heard about the place about three months ago. I wasn't going to believe the great mexican food you could buy at the car wash in Cardiff. Several people mentioned it. One of Lena's dental customers is an emigré from Mexico and he told her that it was his favorite mexican restaurant in the area.

Ron and Lena and I drove to Marshall's yesterday afternoon to look for some clothes for my upcoming trip. I had gone to two Nordstrom Racks looking for a sport coat and again struck out at Marshall's. Did buy these psychedelic shorts, just as a cool cultural artifact to wear some halloween. Found the coat at Macy's later in the day. Not matching...

Let's see, psylocybin, peyote, pot, baby baby woodrose, datura, yup that just about covers it...

We stopped at the Mexican place on the way back. "Can't beat the 99 cent fish tacos," she tells me. It is located in a Valero Gas station off Birmingham, on the east side of the freeway. Place is called El Pueblo.

Lena loves the carrots and hot sauces there, which come in several strengths. Ron ordered a carnitas taco, Lena went with her favorite. I ordered a fish burrito. I noticed that the new sign misspelled shredded as "sheredded" about fifty times over and saw a flash of pain across the girl's face that was taking my order when I mentioned it.

 I am sorry, I can't help being a spelling nazi, not that I am in any way perfect. Baristas the world over quake at my approach.

Food was great, well pretty good, not Bulltaco on a great day great, but a place I will definitely visit again when I am in the area. You should too. As good or better than most of the -itos, -bertos joints in its class. Check it out. Give you a chance to eat and wash the car.

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