Tuesday, June 30, 2015


modern constellations
My wife was at a trade show in Colorado last week so I was left to talk to the dog and the cat about recent changes in my life, including the passing of my mother on Friday.

They were splendid company indeed, if I started repeating myself, as I often do, they just looked at me and pretended not to notice. In any event,  it would be hard to question their sympathy.

We managed to plant the rest of the trees, cycads and succulents, pruned the chamearops humilis which is as tall as my two story house and half as wide, with some serious multitrunk action. Or started to prune it, more accurately.

Neighbors happened to be gone too, I was in a deathly quiet valley, had it all to myself and rarely left the spread unless I had to.

I saw a lot of birds, a beautiful oriole, prettiest of the local songbirds. Watched a tough little mockingbird chase away a hawk. Didn't take a lot of pictures.

Did see this more diminutive hawk on the wire, he is a handsome Cooper's hawk, I think. Don't think he is one of my juveniles.

Took pictures at the Art Center Friday night, the Veterans show, not really anything I am good at but they asked. Some interesting veteran artists including one Mike Evans who I picture here below in front of one his very cool creations.

He and his charming wife were both really good people as were several other people I met that night. Very talented, great work.

Saw this kid Anthony at Hot Summer Nights, the young guitar playing blues pheenom who has been playing around town. This kid strat gunslinger is great and will only get better. Incredible grasp and feel for his age.

If you get a chance, give a listen. Someday you will be able to say you heard him when.

Renée and I went to the 127 west social house for dinner sunday. My third time. Food is just fantastic, mac and cheese and fennel sausage, great pork chop, the accent had a yummy cheese steak. Place is beautiful. Hip. A step up in a very real sense to the modern world for Fallbrook. Not perfect but what is?

Started off with the ahi poke. A little chintzy with the ahi, but maybe it was just so many chips that it looked spare. Quite good but sauce a tiny bit overwhelming. But an 8&1/2 or a 9.

I don't see how mac and cheese can get any better, ultimate heart stopping comfort. I picked the fennel sausage to stick in it but there are a few things to choose and I almost opted for the lamb.

The accent's cheese steak.

Here is my entree, accompanied by polenta sticks that were subtle and wonderful.

Firm, almost well done, I should have expressed my wishes to the server more accurately. But swimming in a truly lovely romesco sauce, a gorgeous and tasty plate to be sure.

When Faro Trupiano told me what he planned to do in Fallbrook I was both skeptical and cynical. Didn't think the demographics would work. It is plainly obvious that I was completely wrong. Place is packed and well supported, he is fulfilling a food niche that was in retrospect a vacuum.

Not to say it is all hunky dory, once again we had to wait for a seeming eternity for water and menus. But once we got their attention the staff was pleasant, great and beyond helpful, even getting us cushions to deal with the rather punitive chairs outside on the patio.

I think Faro has outdone himself and only needs to tighten things up a little bit with the staff, it will take a little time. But the food is there.

Leslie and Karen
Picked Leslie up at the airport last night. She had a long feather earring in her ear that she got at the trade show. I gave her the look. "Do you like it?" "No, I said, "I don't. It reminds of something from Billie Jack." "Well, you don't have to wear it. And for your information, I loved Billie Jack." I decided I better not say anything else. "Just wait,"she tells me, "they are going to be in the new Avatar movie." What the hell do I know anyway?

We had a squall around lunchtime, rain and thunder and the whole bit. All the shop owners went out on the street and yakked through the rain. It was very cool. Wish it had lasted longer.

Somebody wrote a pretty nasty comment, anonymously of course, called me a whore and worse. I meant to publish it, I really did, but I accidentally trashed it. Whoever you are, please send it again and would you mind signing it this time?




J.W. said...

Damn...I really wanted to read the offensive email! You are a big tease re: today at the café.

Having solitude at times of great loss is a gift...though some feel otherwise.

Leslie and her earring...the birds...you are a lucky man, indeed.


Anonymous said...

They called you a whore?? Sheeez, you don't even charge for your services!!!

Anonymous said...

guess I will bug you again about you writing about your
family history in an autobiography…very fascinating.
I love all the bird pics,too. Ida

Anonymous said...

Robert so sorry to hear about your mom. I remember her from that trip back to NY we made one winter. (((( <3 ))))

Anonymous said...

Three hearty cheers for the feather ear ring. I am totally for long, flowing and witchy. Should she decide she no longer wants it, I won't have any trouble finding it a new home!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to comment twice, but we are all whores except for the "ricos", they are pimps.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your Mom. Even though you're expecting it,..the end is gut wrenching.
Here in Dubai, no restrictions on your blog!! I'm sure all these people walking around glued to their devices, are reading the blast.
If you're taking a poll, I vote in favor of the earring.

Turns out one cannot comment on the blog from here, but I think it's an iPad issue and not censorship.


Anonymous said...

My comment was not directed at you. I was speaking as if to be the authorities who would censor your website, but also forbid women to leave their home without being escorted by a male relative. Please accept my sincere apology for any misunderstanding or offensive choice in my words.
Again it was not directed at you. I still prefer to remain anonymous.

Blue Heron said...

No problem. It is remarkable how fine and wonderful all of my readers have been over the last eight years, even the ones who disagree, the negatives can't fill one hand.