Black crowned night heron, Lindo Lake © Robert Sommers 2020

Saturday, June 13, 2015

For the birds again.

I have only seen one of my hawks around the nest this week. Kids, they grow up so fast and the first thing you know, they've flown away. Grabbed a few pictures.

Had a red shouldered hawk in the valley yesterday afternoon, on a far off branch I seldom check. They rarely venture into my part of town. Wish I was closer. Welcome, friend.

The Palomar Audobon Society has several birding hikes this month, two being Doane Pond on Palomar and Cuyamaca. Want to go, Beth? Anybody? Three hour hike.

The old nicitating membrane...
Your caption here

One day soon, the hawks will be gone for the year or maybe even forever, hopefully finding their own unique valleys to rule and soar over.

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