Greater Egret

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Next stop, the world!

I continued to find creative ways to waste my time today, we'll call it continuing the healing process in hopes of self justifying. I have been processing some old photos, have never shown this one before, a streetwalker in Madrid who has evidently failed to impress another woman, also coincidentally clad in a feline print.

I have gotten heavy into putting my pictures on Google+, where they can be enjoyed by people all over the world. Intoxicating, really. I'm blowing up in Saudi Arabia. I belong to a black and white photography group of Italians and they are all really great photographers. I had no idea.

I saw a nifty picture of a fire breather the other day and decided to take a crack  at working on some shots I took a few years ago at Doug's birthday party.

I have a little over 84 thousand pictures in my Lightroom library, and this is after a significant data dump last year.

Today I tried a little trick I thought I knew how to do and appeared to lose all of my shots. Luckily Ken, my hero, was working at the Brandon Gallery next door and managed to save my ass. Again.

I o.d'd (how do you spell it?) on leftover shanghai pork belly last night and woke up throwing up in the middle of the night. Concerned that I may already be out of rhythm. Next stop ablation.

The Blue Heron Gallery has been open in Fallbrook for 18 years. Yesterday I noticed that right next door a new bird has landed, the Lavender Penguin. Welcome, friend.

Not sure if I should be flattered or if it is merely one of life's coincidences, which we all know are god, the universe, the void or the deity of your choice's way of letting us know that he or she has a sense of humor.


Ken Seals said...

How do you know she was a streetwalker (as in Hooker right?)?

Blue Heron said...

Ken I grew up in New York City hustling hookers in front of the Waldorf at two in the morning. You figure these things out.