Black crowned night heron © Robert Sommers 2023

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Life comes crashing

 candy spun sails

attempt to navigate treacherous straits.

the captain and


 carefully consider the terms of surrender

no fatal wounds, certainly nothing visible in this color spectrum

 beaten down by a thousand paper cuts,

the newspaper said it was a case of attrition.

Nothing to see here, move along.

life never misses a beat, does it?

Ali baba had a bauble, a bully bauble baba bought.

Bester solved the time differential
good enough for me anyway
a zillion pasts and futures
existing simultaneously like a big fat roman candle in the quantum tunnel
they brush each other aside
barely touching 
with an occasional
faint glimpse of recognition
 mostly quiet sleep

Erwin's kitty cat
slips through the eye of the mountain
which may not even exist
the physicists said it was bound to happen
in an infinite world or all probability
alive and dead at the same time
would close her eyes but she's of afraid of waking up again