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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Jolly old terrorists

There was a very interesting and in depth article over at the Weekly Standard last week, Britain's new jihadist hero. Worth a read, this guy doesn't sound nearly as benign as some have portrayed him.
The leaked JTF-GTMO threat assessment provides a guide to some of the intelligence amassed against Aamer. Even though, in JTF-GTMO’s eyes, he never fully revealed the extent of his jihadist connections, Aamer allegedly admitted knowing at least several al Qaeda actors. These include Reid and Moussaoui, as well as Abu Hafs al Mauritani, one al Qaeda’s main theologians in pre-9/11 Afghanistan. Aamer also allegedly told U.S. authorities that he lived next to Abu Musab al Suri, an al Qaeda-affiliated ideologue who worked directly with bin Laden at times.
Aamer’s suspected cover story, even if accepted at face value, didn’t prove his innocence. He said that he worked for the Revival of Islamic Heritage Society (RIHS), a “charity” that is in reality a known al Qaeda front. The RIHS, which is based in Kuwait, has been designated as a terrorist organization by the U.S. government because of its well-established role funding al Qaeda.
A number of Aamer’s fellow detainees told authorities that he was, in fact, a member of al Qaeda. One of them is Abu Zubaydah, who was subjected to the CIA’s so-called enhanced interrogation techniques. At some point during his detention, Zubaydah “identified individuals who could be suited for attacks against Western targets.” Zubaydah’s list included Aamer, who “was in the U.S. before the jihad in Bosnia,” meaning sometime before the mid-1990s.
I followed the link last week and saw this article that I had somehow missed, a Somali American ISIS member who was killed in battle had a top security clearance at the St. Paul airport. The only one?

I was reading about another detainee  who has been released this week, Moazzam Begg, who blames everybody but Islamists for terrorism.

“How does a prime minister who refuses to recognize the causes of extremism have the right to determine what extremism is?" Moazzam Begg

It ain't hard to figure out, Moazzam. Civilized people never target innocents with terrorist attacks, no matter what the past provocation. Good luck England.

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