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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Call for photo submission - End of year

Thanksgiving tomorrow, one of my favorite holidays. Hope everyone has a great day giving thanks and having a good time with the people they love.

I have been working diligently, trying to dig out of my hole and I definitely see light at the end of the tunnel. Piling up little victories.

Light follows darkness, things always look better in the light and promise of a crisp, new day.

December is quickly approaching. Continuing the end of year tradition of best photos from the Blue Heron Blast readership, I ask you to submit your favorite photo taken in 2015. Your work gets better and better every year and I look forward to seeing what you got this time. The submissions never fail to blow me away. I think that we may have started doing this in 2012.

The pictures don't have to be perfect, technically sound, competent, understandable or even fit the popular notion of "good," they just have to mean something to you. If you want to send two or three I will pick my favorite. Cell phone shots are perfectly fine, often my favorites. And if you haven't taken a shot worth a damn this year, well, there's still time. Will post late December.

Happy Thanksgiving,


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brigitte said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Hope to see you soon for a belated birthday lunch -B