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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Power balance

Interesting perspective at Weekly Standard, Was the Head of Iran's IRGC Wounded in Syria? by Lee Smith:
...There is plenty of killing and dying that remains to be done in Syria, and the Iranian side will suffer the worst. After all, the Shiites are the regional minority. If the Shiite community once believed that the Islamic Republic of Iran was on course to overthrow more than a millennium of history, politics, theology, and war that identified the Shiites as also-rans, right now the Shiites are fighting to defend themselves against the majority Sunnis. Eventually, they will be fighting for their survival. The question then is, looking down the road, what role will the nuclear weapons program play in the thinking of a millenarian regime with its back against the wall?

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Anonymous said...

This here is a probability statement masquerading as a sophisticated interpretation of history. While the Shiites may well be on a losing trajectory it remains possible that they will succeed in overthrowing the last thousand or so years of history. Otherwise curious and improbable events such as the French and Russian revolutions would have been impossible.