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Friday, April 1, 2016

Revenge of the peg legged rodent

I was sitting by my desk the other day when I heard a large scratchin' and a' carryin on in the room next to my office. Obviously I had an unwanted guest, sounded like a large rodent.

I walked over to the general direction of the miscreant and yelled quite loudly for said intruder to amscray. Whatever it was, was not impressed, it just got louder if anything. Frankly it didn't give a lick what I thought.

I don't particularly like rodents much but I am one of those people that is trap squeamish to boot. Always afraid it is going to snap my little fingers off.

But I had to do something. I went to the hardware store and grabbed a variety of glue traps from small to extra large. I would show Mr. Rat who he was messing with.

Now some question the morality of these traps, the glue causing a long slow demise and I appreciate your opinion. I am a bastard at times as many of my friends and loved ones will tell you. Even a rat bastard. But I had no other options. Glue trap it was.

I set two of the big ones up at two prime locations and waited. I came in today and guess what? One of the traps is gone. Disappeared. Now I'm really scared. Somewhere I have got a big f*cking rat towing a glue trap around like Long John Silver and I just know he wants a piece of my ass somehow for my handiwork and perfidy. The rodent's revenge... Stay Tuned.


Sanoguy said...

Don't look back!

Anonymous said...

Glue traps are un-humane. There are plastic snap-back rat traps that are much easier to use than traditional wood ones. They are a quick and efficient. Rats carry disease's and eat your electrical wires. Death is death.

Blue Heron said...

and unhumane is inhumane...

Sanoguy said...

Death by rat is also un-humane!

Helen Killeen Bauch McHargue said...

Glued here, laughing my head off, waiting for the next installment.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to spellcheck. I saw that error [un-humane] and knew I would get a English tongue lashing by you! I hate spellcheck...aw rats!.