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Saturday, April 9, 2016

onepointtwo land


I got my negatives back, the pictures taken with the new (well 1971 anyway) Nikon F film camera with the 55mm 1.2 lens.

This lens is very sharp and very finicky. My win rate was very low. The focus plane is so very narrow. But it will be fun to explore. There is obviously something truly wonderful about film that can't be approximated digitally.

Here is a shot of the lovely barista Jordan in Robert's Alley. As you can see, I sort of botched the shot, for the second time, sorry Jordan! She has a great smile.

The focus is right in front of her. You breathe wrong and you lose it with this lens. Will try again.

My buddy Brett, one of my oldest friends and best models, is always good for a pic or three  four five.

Dude should have been in pictures.


Ken Seals said...

Nice. Bokeh, bokeh, bokeh...

Jon Harwood said...

Working in close at 1.4 or lower is very difficult indeed. It is one area where a rangefinder camera has a distinct advantage but only a small one. You pretty much need a saint or two looking over your shoulder to do well at wide aperture no matter what sort of camera you are using. When the focus is accurate though it makes all the frustration worth it.

Ha ha! DSLR users, automatic fast lenses make autofocus just as unreliable as manual focus.

Anonymous said...

Your photos are
Amazing, I think
I need to give my camera away! To
Someone that can
Understand it. Just
Kidding I'll sell it.
Best always

Unknown said...

You make me feel so special with these photos!:)

Blue Heron said...

Well, you are special. I like this one a lot, mainly because you were unaware and so it was candid. Thanks for being a good sport and a nice person.

shawnintland said...

Brett keeps reminding me more and more of Jonathan Winters...