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Monday, April 25, 2016

One pig, three ducks and ten sheep.

Leslie and I were joined by seven friends last night for a big Chinese feast up at Shanghai in Temecula. Supposed to be two more but they never showed up. After a mannerly wait for the latecomers we went ahead and ordered a pretty amazing meal! Orgy of food.

Shanghai style is my favorite of all the Chinese cuisines and several couples had never tried it before so we decided to show them the ropes.

We started off with a couple platters of xiao long bao, perfectly steamed dumplings which we dunked into our chili soy mix.

I ordered the pork rib clay pot, which is more of a soup with a lot of delectable things inside and a quite flavorful broth.

We ordered a couple servings of onion pancake. A steamed pomfret, a flattish fish. Two kinds of shrimp, sweet and sour and shrimp in tea leaves, the latter of which was heavenly.

A roast duck. Beef with broccoli. Pork ribs in garlic. Large pan fried dumplings. And more. Everybody got stuffed, me almost uncomfortably so.

Everybody yakked and had a good time. The only weird food we ordered last night was the griddled bullfrog which was truly delicious, take my word for it.

Not like chicken, more subtle. I didn't croak and neither will he, at least not any longer he won't.

The bullfrog dish is on the left. Right is duck and plum sauce. Drank tea and ate our fortune cookies. Wonderful to chow down with good friends.

I dropped Bill and Jean off at their home and she had made peach pie earlier, my favorite and I didn't want to be rude so I had a piece. We drove home and Leslie opened up her horoscope for the day which counseled her on the wisdom of eating Chinese food that day. Hmmm.

My friend Chris B. is a successful entrepreneur who has done business in China for many years. As fate would have it, I got this email letter from him when I got back from dinner last night.

My assistant, Abby W is a very cute girl, quite accomplished, great personality, etc.  She is 29 years old and works hard/travels a lot due to our work.  She doesn’t have time nor the inclination to ‘play’ the dating game.  In China, her family are all alarmed that she has no significant other/husband.  In her village, she is the last girl from her high school class without.  Every time we meet her parents, siblings, extended family for dinner, her being single is the topic of conversation and the biggest ‘problem’ in her family.  Truly a Chinese cultural phenomena.

Last Saturday, I invited her father to Shanghai – home village is about a three hour train ride away – to attend the marriage market with me.  He was so happy, it is hard to explain in writing.  The day was great, I am attaching some pictures for your reference.  Over 100,000 bereaved parents walking around Peoples Square park (similar to Central Park in New York) looking for mates.

Anyway, a fun day, interesting, etc.


Chris B

He sent along some pictures of his protege and the Shanghai marriage market at People's Square. Very cool. I saw something sort of similar in Greece once.

Chris sent me this note:  It was a hoot!  And successful, 16 real contacts/interactions between her father and other parents that resulted in exchanged information as well as over 100 people taking pictures of the sign – complete with her father and sisters' cell phone numbers...

She seems like a great gal. And if you are interested and she digs you, they'll sweeten up the bargain with one pig, three ducks and ten sheep!


Sanoguy said...

I am thinking that I could use the live stock. Please forward your kind words about me! Boy, is she cute or what!

Blue Heron said...

Your best comment ever, Mike! She is cute.

Unknown said...

I had to bring a roasted pig to my Vietnamese In Laws home for the engagement party. A little more balance in the ratio of male to female prospects. Abby looks more like she's 20.

Sanoguy said...

Did you think I was kidding? I am serious! I need the live stock!

Anonymous said...

Throw in a goat and it just might happen.

Brigitte said...

Oh those soup dumplings...Super addictive little pockets of pure delicious goodness.