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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

To espie a spry osprey

I was a little early picking up Leslie from the airport yesterday and decided to drive over to Santee to get some bird shots while I was waiting. Not a lot of shore birds evident but I saw a beautiful osprey on top of a tall juniper.

I jumped out, hit the button for the automatic sliding side door of the van and hoped that I could grab the shot in time.

Only to find that I had left the camera in the shop at work. Rats! The shot never taken.

I took a nap instead, Santee Lakes is a very peaceful place, then went to Hillcrest and got a haircut at Ralphs. Leslie and I went to the now enlarged Dumpling Inn on Convoy, ate a great meal. XLB, shrimp and chive dumplings and a custom made lamb and garlic dish. Great to have my wife back, the cat and I were getting pretty lonely.

Hudgins sent a very cool Nature Conservancy osprey cam over. Check it out.

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