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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Il Cosa Nostra

Donald Trump paraded out a table of alleged victims of Bill Clinton in St. Louis the other day and warned if any more salacious tapes come out relating to his own bad behavior, he is going to get even dirtier still.

Someone yesterday made the brilliant observation that this was like the scene in The Godfather when "Frankie Pants'" brother Vincenzo is brought back from Italy and Frankie clams up during the Senate trial. Omerta or you know who gets it.

A brutal but effective scorched earth strategy. And I started thinking about just how much this modern day Shakespearean tragedy of an election resembled the Godfather and the machinations of the mafia.

Trump isn't Michael Corleone, he is not quite shrewd enough, but he is a lot like Sonny, a hot head who has his way with and abuses women and knows no limits or discipline. Stay away from bridges, Sonny. The final act is a bitch.

Speaking of bridges, every Don needs a capo or two. While some liken Chris Christie to Luca Brasi, with his prodigious appetite, I vote for Clemenza. Loyal but no moral center.

Every Godfather needs a wasp straight man consigliore that can smooth things over. Mike Spence, meet Tom Hagen.

Then there is the wayward kid partyboy, this time from the other family that goes away and dishonors the clan; Billy Bush aka Fredo. Now quickly being frozen out in the cold like a smelly piece of bacalao.

Then there is Giuliani, the two faced hypocrite. A man who had an affair and told the papers he was leaving his wife before he had the decency to tell her or the rest of his family. Much like the other caporegime, Gingrich, divorcing his wife #1 while she lay on her hospital bed fighting cancer.

Despicable characters.

Two fellows who still have the audacity to attack Hillary Clinton. Giuliani says everybody cheats and that the matter  is between him and his priest. I am sure that Newt has been similarly forgiven.

Are there any characters in the godfather venal and evil enough to represent them? Newt, you get Tessio and I'm sorry Abe, you're better than that.

In Kellyanne Conway we have the perfect enabler Kay Adams, as played by Diane Keaton. See nothing, no nothing, but all the time it is right in front of their face.

Got to have a guy in Vegas. Moe Green - Sheldon Adelson?

There is of course a war going on right now, at least in the GOP. Everybody to the mattress rooms. This thing is going to get real ugly.


Jon Harwood said...

That you can put words to this spectacle at all is a testament in your favor. I am essentially stunned by the mess and more or less waiting for history to put this in context. Meanwhile I watch as someone watches a grand mal seizure, horrified, waiting for it to pass and trying to get a rag into the patient's mouth so he won't bite his tongue off.

Anonymous said...

Very clever Robert