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Monday, October 10, 2016

Trouble in Candyland

So now I'm home, mostly cured of my jet lag but not my upper respiratory tsuris. About to get very busy again with my job. And there's this election thing still happening. We're still hating on each other and in some cases it is getting ugly.

We all know somebody on the other side and we are all walking on eggshells so as not to engage and offend. Sometimes it is even close friends and family.

And unfortunately no matter who wins, it doesn't look like the polarization will abate any time soon. I am busy and have to get going but want to get a few words off my chest without running it into the ground.

Chessmaster and long time Putin nemesis Garry Kasparov had a very pithy tweet today.

He is so right. Where are we, Venezuela? Do we need an oligarch like Hugo Chavez or Putin running the show, threatening to throw his opponent in the clink? Is that American? Rumor has it that the impeachment machine is already lubed up in case Hillary gets the nod. Figure on a continued course of endless paralysis and tooth gnashing for the foreseeable future.

The idea that a spoiled brat rich kid (with the manners of a swine) who has destroyed thousands of lives with his bankruptcies and shifty business deals can suddenly fix the nation's ills with his bravado and supposed negotiating prowess is so preposterous. Sorry, I'll take the bureaucrat. Truthfully, your track record just doesn't look too inspiring, Don.

You want to read something weird that doesn't really get mentioned, try googling Epstein Trump rape.

I lost five bucks today, thought Pence would turn it in after his running mate threw him under the bus last night on Syria. Congrats Mike.

Interesting that both Skittles and Tic Tacs have condemned the Republican nominee this year. He may be doing okay in Biloxi or Wasilla but he is taking a real hit in Candyland.

Grand delusion: What alternate universe does Breitbart live in?

The Republican party is hemorrhaging big time. William Kristol has the serious vapors. The country kin have invaded the big house and stolen all the silverware, now they're fixing to throw the ol' 'stablishment tenants right out on their ear. There's a great big Mason Dixon line running through the GOP and a lot of downstream blood is about to get spilled. Fish or cut bait?

"It's like in the movies where a guy is riding a horse, gets shot, but the horse is still alive so it keeps running while dragging the corpse in its saddle." GOP Operative

Our country needs two healthy parties, as a check, both sides tend to royally fick things up left unabated. But why do so many of us feel that this is exactly how that bad Austrian painter got his start eighty years ago?

I have mentioned this quote from Ken Kesey many times. You won't find it in a book because I heard him say it with my own ears.

"Just remember, in any given situation, there will be more stupid people around then smart ones."

Jeez, help us.

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