Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Postcard from heaven

Do you remember the cool catholic sisters that I met at the Salt Pueblo of Qurai in New Mexico this summer?

I had asked them for a blessing for my brother, who remains really sick with serious complications from his kidney transplant.

And they assented graciously and also allowed me to take their picture.

I got this postcard from them the other day:

I am not sure which order these nuns are from but they hailed from Kansas City.

It was very sweet and touching to receive this postcard from them. Please keep my brother Buzz in your thoughts and prayers.

Not a religious person myself but will take any help we can get.


Anonymous said...

Meeting high people and blessed religious people is rare-run with it.

Sanoguy said...


Anonymous said...

Robert, that is so cool. How nice they took the time to send you a card and to know they remember you and the visit. Do you have their address? It would be nice to send them a photo of them in front of the adobe wall. Beth

Helen Killeen Bauch McHargue said...

This is so great! The last nuns I had an encounter with tried to mow me down in a stampede to get through the doors of St. Peters in Rome.