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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Flim Flam Man

The Trump formula is so simple, its brilliant. Pick any department of government and find and appoint the person most antagonistic to its essential function and principles to run it.

Our president seems intent on destroying our country's great legacy and he is being enabled by a party largely and willfully blinded to his monstrosities. Begs the question, is this a government or a mafia family? All the ethical chicanery and shady loans from Russian gangsters leaves me seriously wondering.

He likes to let the lobbyists run the show. Today it is Susan Combs at Interior, a woman who has dedicated her career to destroying the Endangered Species Act.

The other day it was Andrew Wheeler, a coal lobbyist for Murray Energy, picked to be the number two man at the EPA.  Pick number one, Scott Pruitt, has been a waterboy for energy interests since he was first elected Attorney General of Oklahoma. How 'bout them earthquakes, Scott? Really been something since they started fracking.

Trumps pick to run education, Betsy DeVos, is an outspoken opponent of public schools. Our Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross, is a long time bankruptcy vulture who had to pay the SEC millions of dollars to settle an overcharging suit. A Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, who pillaged American homeowners at IndyMac, saddling the FDIC with 13 billion dollars in debt in the process while walking away with a cool 3 billion.

Appoint Kris Kobach and Hans Spakovsky to the Election commission, two total nutjob conspiracy theorists, the former now being twice censured by Federal judges for a demonstrable pattern of lying.

I could go on and on but won't. Watching politics is supposed to be as dirty an exercise as watching sausage being made but after the Health Care debacle I don't think there is a slaughterhouse in America quite this dirty.

Barry Blitt - New Yorker
Don't carve your face on Mt. Rushmore just yet, Donald. Perhaps we will see you in pinstripes yet one day, hopefully breaking up rocks in the yard. Have your fun people, enjoy your time at the trough, red staters. Things have a way of coming around and we won't forget. You have sold your country and your principles out.

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Anonymous said...

He has no principles to sell out.