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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Rothko seascapes

© Robert Sommers 2017
I had a rather touching moment the other day that I would like to share with you.

I live in a fairly remote river canyon. We canyon dwellers tend to live our own lives, don't intersect all that much with the neighbors.

There is a guy who lives near the ecological preserve at the end of the road that I have exchanged pleasantries with over the years, don't know him well but he is always cheerful and affable. I believe that he is a tree trimmer.

Anyway back to my story, I was standing out in the garden with my shovel the other day, doing this or that, when this person drove by in his truck. He saw me in the yard, gave me the strangest look that I really couldn't place, squealed his tires and brakes to a halt, shut off the engine and ran into my yard, embracing me in a vigorous bear hug. Tears literally ran down the tall man's cheeks.

I appreciated the spontaneous display of emotion but it was a little out of character for the existent nature of our relationship and after a few seconds inching up on his grizzled beard and sunblock I asked him what was up?

Remember a few months ago when the old oak tree fell over at the Pebbles' old place and killed poor George Bamber in his car instantly? George had a van like mine, I was on the road at the same time, saw him minutes before the tragedy occurred, sadly mused on the blog about the sudden nature of his passing.

The neighbor thought it was me killed this whole time. He drove by and thought that he was staring at a dead man. Freaked him out. Strange to be mistaken for an 80 year old but I guess I am getting up there. Still alive but I certainly appreciate the concern, love and emotion.

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