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Friday, June 30, 2017

What is in the water?

The surreal lunacy of our nation these days is just so amazing. Do you ever wonder if this is an actual government or are we living in a Truman Show type of reality television episode? I'm waiting for a klieg light to drop out of the sky.

I wake up every day wondering what idiotic thing will be next? Today we find out that the National Enquirer has been running interference for the President in a little extortion scheme taregtting the morning television couple, Mika and Joe.

In a wonderful illustration of Zeno's Law in action, Scott Pruitt at EPA wants a new debate that will give the 3 percent of scientists that deny global warming an equal footing with the 97% that have already performed peer review.

And Rick Perry thinks that wearing smart guy glasses now gives him the intellectual gravitas and superpowers to tackle the same heady subject.

The state of New York has passed a bill that states that someone cannot ask or allow a child under 16 to beg for money or receive payment for "picking rags, or collecting cigar stumps, or collecting bones."

As I have stated before, if you don't drink, now would be a real good time to start.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the daughter of a christian minister, may have never heard about the concept of turning the other cheek. She thinks the President has a right to smite back at his enemies, but even ten times stronger.

As you can see, I am quickly grabbing at low hanging fruit. It is so easy these days. And the clear winner of the first Blue Heron Blast Charles Darwin Award has to be the young Minnesota couple that thought that they would gain fame and stardom by concocting a Youtube experiment where a mere hardback book placed over a man's chest would stop a 50 caliber slug.


The pistol that they used, the desert eagle, is said to be so powerful that it can punch a hole in an engine block.

Sadly the shooter is pregnant with the couple's second child. They have already reproduced. Her boyfriend, Pedro Ruiz is dead. The dumbdown continues.


Anonymous said...

So brilliant! Nice to see the fun in here again. Please keep reminding us with the "low hanging fruit" that we aren't alone in our thoughts. I laughed out loud on this post.

Cowgirlterry said...

I have felt like I've been living on another plane of existence or in a Nuveau version of One flew Over the Cockoo's Nest. Rick Perry looks like a game show host. Sara could play Nurse Ratchett and the young couple are a strong case for having humans logic-tested & iq tested pre-parenting and pro-birth control. I hope they get that newborn to a miracle worker in nurturing & early childhood development.

Anonymous said...

This is a great post all around. I hope lots of people read it. Thank you!