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Thursday, June 22, 2017


Penitent puppets review past lives giddily misspent in wanton perfidy.
I could launch into a spirited soliloquy regarding one outrage or affront after another today.

Quite easily.

But I don't feel like being that guy. You voted for him America, you deserve what you get. Enjoy.

Why get my blood pressure up?

Although the optics of cops dragging disabled people bloody out of the Capital might be a little hard to scrub.

My favorite this week was them letting you know that the health of children will be majorly impacted by the new environmental cuts and delays but don't worry, they won't last forever (the kids or the cuts?)

This may be the most cynical if not the sickest thing I have ever seen from my government.

EPA acknowledges delaying methane rule might make more children sick, but will help industry.
Environmental groups immediately attacked the proposed delay. The Environmental Defense Fund pointed to the fact that the EPA’s announcement acknowledges that the delay may make children sick, “but argues that more illness for only two years is acceptable.”EDF highlighted a section of the agency’s proposed rule that states: “EPA believes that the environmental health or safety risk addressed by this action may have a disproportionate effect on children… However, because this action merely proposes to delay the 2016 Rule, this action will not change any impacts of the 2016 Rule after the stay. Any impacts on children’s health caused by the delay in the rule will be limited, because the length of the proposed stay is limited.”
Limited, right. How much exposure is okay, how many sick kids, what if it was your sick kid, Pruitt? Sick people, contemptible swine. I have a problem with people who hurt children, the elderly, those that can not fend for theirselves. So that their cronies can have a big fat payday. In fact I hate such people. Hate.

Got some correspondence to take care of, I have been slacking. A few loose ends.

Jonathan Hill sent this cool video over. The wood swimmer. And a new Chuck Berry record over. Howard Levy.

Hudgins sent this gif over, evolution of the desk.

Missed the indigo bunting down at Famosa Slough a week or so ago. Need to explore Tijuana River and San Diego more.

Shawn sends a theory of the collapse of civilization, back in 1177 b.c. that is.

Kip brings music from Sir Paul.

A spirited defense of progressive rock.

Love the site Atlas Obscura. Found it through a recipe for Professor Robert Baker's famous barbecued chicken actually.

Too stupid to govern? Mike sends over this Trump screed from Foreign Policy. And Adam West was evidently trying to break Wilt's other record.

Ever seem like the President's fawning followers are saluting the infallible and most brilliant god king, like toadies for a North Korean despot? Trump and the new cult of personality.

Moron - Jay Lynch

Two great underground artists died recently, Skip Williamson and Jay Lynch. I met Jay a couple times, don't think I ever met Skip but loved them both.

Kim Deitch

Liz turned me on to the undergrounds at their inception and I amassed quite a collection in my sordid youth. Loved to read about Sammy Smoot and co., Philbert DeSanex, all the rest of the gang.
Here's a link to an interview with one of their peers, a comics great who is still with us, Denis Kitchen. Amazing guy, met him at the early cons, like I did most of these artists.

Denis Kitchen.

And many are now dearly departed, guys I hold in such reverence, like Dave Sheridan. These were fantastic people and artists. Mother's Oats Comix was so damn big. Very psychedelic.

Dizzy Ratstein - Bob Armstrong
Spain, Griff, Kelley, Bode, Irons, Joel Beck, Jaxon, so many greats now departed. S. Clay Wilson in bad shape. Victor and Williams still hanging in.

Time marches forward.

© Robert Sommers 
Glad I was there to witness what I could.

Sheriden and Schrier

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