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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Shakedown voyage

A friend in Fallbrook has a large private lake that teems with bird life. I don't like to bug him but arranged to shoot the new nikkor 400mm 2.8 fl there this morning to put it through its initial paces.

Stuck it on the Wimberley gimbal head and the heavy duty Induro tripod.

There were a bunch of ducks, including galinules and ruddy ducks, pied billed grebes, other stuff.

Not real happy about the focus so I took it over to Ken's this afternoon. We set up a canted yardstick to shoot at and fine tuned the camera to the lens as well as to the tc - 14eII teleconverter and lens combo.

I hope that I can dial it in soon. It passed some tough and rigorous inspections so it is obviously a case of driver error.

Will switch the VR off and play with a few things.

Try to get it right.

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