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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Family Feud

Hatfield and MCoy children playing tug of war at the Matewan School

"Part of the problem ... is nobody wants to hurt each other anymore."
Donald Trump 3/11/16

The level of hatred we have for each other in the United States, from either partisan perch, is palpable and perhaps unprecedented. Maybe emotions were this raw during Vietnam but I don't think the country was so evenly divided and it might not have even been this polarized in that troubled time.

I guess you have to reach back to the 1860's to see this kind of animosity. There is no center and woe to that person who tries to forge a common ground, he or she will get pilloried by the true believers on the fringe on either side.

Still I never thought that it would erupt into a shooting war. First Giffords, now Scalise. Of course, when the occupant in the Oval Office wins election while repeatedly inciting violence against his detractors all bets are off. Need a refresher?

The deranged shooter was unhinged, he is definitely not a representative of your typical dem, progressive or liberal. But of course that will certainly be the spin. Our hopes and prayers are with those wounded in this despicable crime. Let us hope that it does not repeat itself anytime, sooner or later.

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