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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Last bits

Here's a few leftover shots from the week that never found a wall to hang on.

This guy flew by our perch in Del Mar. Both Ken and James identified it for me.

It's a T-34C Mentor aircraft assigned to the F/A-18 Hornet Training Squadron VMFAT-101 'Sharpshooters' out of Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.

Used for bombing range air control.


Ken sent a wikipedia link and let me know that it was either built or conceived in Kansas.

Ron and Lena liked how I caught the Coaster in this shot.

Have to have a hummingbird. Or do I? Not terribly colorful but has its charms, I suppose.

The toughest thing for any real or imagined artist is responsible self editing. Some will never let anything out that is not perfect, I am less circumspect, I guess. If there is a redeeming element, I don't mind the warts.

For instance this picture of two peregrines. Obviously it lacks focus, I was a hell of a long way away. So maybe it is a lousy photograph but that doesn't mean it can't also be a swell graphic image.

Extremely low or high horizon lines have a nice effect of flattening out a composition, making it more graphic. Branches and artistic elements can flow off of a page. These were favored techniques for oriental painters and printmakers in the aesthetic and Mejii periods that carried over into American and European art at the start of the twentieth century and into the 1930's. The California style painters like Kosa, Dyke and Sheets also were influenced by and utilized these practices.

The low horizon helps add tension to this shot, the diagonal branch element moves the focus to the center of the image. Mass of branch and falcons inhabits perfect golden section third, in both directions.

I think that compositional ability is like music, you can get reasonable results if you are not gifted but you must be born with the skill and innate sense to truly shine. Give me a guitar and a hundred years to practice and I still won't play one note as good as Doc Watson. Some people have it at their fingertips.

Oh and John wondered about Mitch McConnell and Kafka? Here's my take.

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