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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Nate Harrison

If you look at the little feedjit blog on the bottom left of my blog and you are reading this on or near June 8, 2017 you will notice the words nigger nate going viral.

Getting hits from all over the place on a blogpost that I wrote in 2011 which you can find here.

I thought it was a pretty good and accurate blog, a selective history of racism in the far southwest corner of the country.

Unfortunately, all the links are now dead but I don't feel the need to update them at this point. People can do the research themselves if they are so inclined.

I couldn't figure out what set off the rush. Googled my name and nigger nate yesterday and got nothing special. Was this somehow connected to Bill Maher's latest verbal gaffe? Brought it up at coffee this morning and Pete mentioned that there was a yearbook kerfuffle nearbye regarding the Nigger Nate Harrison Grade. Bingo.


People must be trying to get the backstory and landing on my blog. I guess my initial question about all the noise is was it caused by academics, racists, those attracted to a salacious and pejorative term like nigger or the merely curious? And that is a question I guess that I will never know the answer to.

Did read more on the subject a few weeks ago. San Diego State students have been working on an archaeology project at the Harrison homestead. Cool.

I hope that a few of the nicer new visitors will take the time to look at some other stuff on the blog, pictures, music, links and what have you, but you never know. Times like this I wish I had a little advertising that pays by the click.

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