Jelly, jelly so fine

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Leslie and I did the swap meet in Long Beach this weekend. First time selling outside in about 17 years. Cut our teeth out there.

It felt good to be out on the pavement, unleash my inner New York barker. I almost forgot about him. We made money, on cheap stuff, let it go. Got swarmed.

Hot as hell out there, didn't have time to catch a breath or walk around much. Bought a new popup tent, sure is easier than putting pipes together like in the old days. Guess if things ever get really bad, I can head back to the asphalt, where our business was born.

I decided that I owed myself a day yesterday with the new lens, which I am still learning to use. Very few people are instant successes at everything or even anything and only fools think they can instantly master new technology. It takes me a while but I am finally getting it.

This lens is spooky sharp. I can now do things I could never do before. I am about to hit you with a bunch of pictures. Please click on one to see all of them full size.

I drove down to Santee in the afternoon. Cool spots down there for birdwatching. First Lindo Lake. Some whacked out looking motorhomers were feeding black crowned night herons, albeit against the rules. Little jewel of a lake for birds.

Most of these shots were taken from ƒ2.8 to F3.2. Incredible low light lens on my great low light camera, the Nikon D7200, which has now been fine tuned. Made quite a difference.

I saw egrets up in the eucalyptus trees, like last time I was there but this time I could capture them perfectly with the fast new nikkor 400mm ƒ2.8 fl telephoto. Just marvelous, I would say. Can't wait for my next outing. Can't wait for Yellowstone later this summer. This lens is everything I ever hoped for and I can even hand hold it for a few minutes before I collapse.

I finished up at Lindo and decided to drive over to Santee Lakes. Only cost three dollars and I still had a few hours. Took about a thousand shots. Could bore you to tears with bird shots.

In the far distance I saw an osprey flying around carrying a huge bass. Sadly he didn't fly close enough for me to get a great capture. But you certainly get the idea.

Big ass fish. Got home in the twilight, tired and famished but saw a hummer in the tree. One last picture!


Blumoon said...

Holy bass.batman. That photo is so impressive.

Noreen said...

Wowza!!! Those are amazing pics, Robert!!!

Helen Killeen Bauch McHargue said...

Incredible. Not one bit boring.

island guy said...

Love the mohawked juvenile.

Jon Harwood said...

Nice snaps.

Sanoguy said...

I ditto Jon!