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Friday, June 9, 2017

Thank you, Senator Chuck Grassley

A big bravo for Republican Senator Chuck Grassley for blasting the recent DOJ opinion that restricted White House oversight requests to committee chairmen. It seems like everything is getting turned upside down in a partisan fever these days, nice to know that there are fair people on both sides that will still speak out when they know that something is wrong and unfair.
The OLC issued a legal opinion in May arguing that the White House did not have to complete requests for information from individual members of Congress, even those who are ranking members on committees, and was only required to fulfill requests sent by committee chairs or full committees. The opinion did not bar the White House from fulfilling requests from individual members, but did have the effect of allowing the executive branch to ignore them, leading Democrats to charge that the White House has been ignoring their oversight requests.
Grassley argued in his Wednesday letter that the OLC’s opinion “completely misses the mark” and that its implications are troubling.
I don't always agree with him but I think he has a basic sense of integrity.

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On another note, James Comey will be the new spokesman for Depends adult diapers...