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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sing me back home

I went to the fair yesterday with Leslie and two of our favorite gal pals, Corrie and Renee.

I was going as a strict civilian, just enjoying myself, no camera but the phone, so don't expect nothin' special.

We headed first for the flower exhibits. Mostly glads, orchids, dahlias and roses out yesterday.
It is admittedly difficult for me to say this but in all modesty, our glads back home had nothing to be shamed about in this bunch. In fact they may have picked up a prize or two.

But the dahlias were so amazing. Probably my favorite all time show flower but I don't think I have ever actually grown them.

There were so many and they were all stunning. The flower arranging was nice too, as it is every year.
Of course the fair is not the fair without eating some toxic and disgusting grub. I started with an ear of corn, graduated to the chocolate covered bacon, shared an eclair and then downed a bratwurst and kraut at Roxie.

I can happily report that I laid off the Krispy Kreme triple cheeseburger, the fried oreos and the bacon wrapped chicken. That is strength and fortitude.

We made our way to the gem and mineral collection and then the fine woodworking.

New shoes with cheap orthotic gels, feet in general insurrection mode so I walked over to the paddock to get a seat on the grass for the concert and take a load off. Leslie went over to see Collective Soul, said they were great.

Charley and Elvin were playing together with only a keyboard, bass, guitar player, jack of all trades named Bob Welsh for accompaniment. Last time I saw them at Slims, they both had big bands, guess it is a cheaper way to ride and tour this way.

Did you know that Elvin was a National Merit Scholar who majored in physics? Charlie mentioned that they hadn't ever played much together, even though they both cut their teeth in Chicago at the same time. They mentioned their favorite respective south and west side blues clubs.

Took them a few songs to find a flow but they did. Charley mentioned that they had a hundred years of the blues between them. Not a great mix. They got to the song old school and it started really sounding pretty good. Hints of the electric wizardry that powered the Butterfield Band when they were the gold standard in Psych blues. And Charlie is just so damn good.

Not to keep bagging on the age thing but it was the oldest crowd I have ever been a part of, I was the spring chicken, didn't see any oxygen tanks but was definitely hit by the thought that the aficionados of the kind of music I like are not getting any younger. Hope to score the Depends™ concession one day.

We bailed and drove to Escondido and then north. Found a sixties and a soul station and all sang our way home at full volume. Very fun and nice night.

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