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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Need identification help.

I found this 13 x 9" unsigned print in an estate I purchased. Looks 1930's. I am trying to identify the artist. Might be a linoleum cut or scratch drawing.

In this powerful allegorical work the townspeople are pointing towards and throwing what appears to be a baseball at the trussed up jewish target, his cadaver partially obscured by a painted sheet depicting him as a money grubbing villain. A rat resides in the hollow crater of one of the brainless pursuers.

My first inclination was that it might be a German die brucke artist like Kirchner, Nückel, Heckel, or even the Flemish Masereel but it might also be of American origin since it does have dollar signs and what looks to me like an American style hat.

Sort of reminds me of Lynd Ward's work but perhaps a little cruder.

Any help would be appreciated. Got some interesting returns back when I stuck the print in the Google images search but no specific match.


Anonymous said...

don’t know - good print. Could even be Mexican. Not Lynd Ward or German I think


Anonymous said...

Sorry - looks European - German. The carving marks look very much like Kirchner but, when was linoleum first used?

Anonymous said...

Looking for the artist of the print, how about Harry Sternberg?