Jelly, jelly so fine

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


As you should have surmised and as I have previously stated, I am seriously losing my interest in politics. Not that I am not interested in issues, I am, but the public discourse is so inane, the hypocrisy so tangible, that I just have to pass. And yes, there is a lot of blame to spread around, I just don't really want to discuss it.

Republicans can certainly choose their own standard bearers, from the chief executive on down. They need no partisan advice from me. Still I was sorry to see Arizona Senator Jeff Flake announce today that he is resigning after this term. Although I disagreed with him on the lion's share of issues, I have long admired his independence, integrity, wisdom and intellect and think that the Senate will be a lesser place without him.

I wish him well.

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