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Saturday, October 28, 2017

More birds from yesterday.

It was still a little early or maybe I just didn't time it right. Larry got some very nice pictures a couple weeks ago from SJWA.

Lots of coots and ibis, red winged blackbirds, a surfeit of egrets. Not a lot of ducks or large raptors. Still tons of kestrels, feasting on a large local dragonfly population.

Kestrels are very cute little raptors.

I did see a black winged kite and I haven't seen one up there for a couple years. Didn't have the reach for a really proper shot but did the best I could.

A harrier or marsh hawk flies just outside of my camera's reach. Will get him next time!

Watched a pair of red tails do their thing up high, actually engage in some flying behavior I have not seen before. I'm guessing a courtship ritual. Legs down.

Saw yellowlegs and willets, avocets and stilts.

I shot the nikon d810 with the nikkor 400mm 2.8 fl and the nikon d7200 with the Sigma 150-600mm C telephoto zoom. Next trip I am going to put the 400mm on the d7200 and see if the crop sensor's extra reach allows me more good captures. Would like to buy the tc -14eIII and 20e III teleconverters as well as the drop in circular polarizer for the 400 but can't afford them right now. Having said that, I can get things with the 400 that I could never grab before. Lens is a joy.

Looking forward to going back for another try.

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