Jelly, jelly so fine

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Say's Phoebe
I'm sure you've noticed that the news is bad, the country is divided, the government is a joke, our worst inclinations are now manifest. Due to the darkness and miasma, I've been steering clear of politics. Now its birds, music and pretty pictures. Because truth, or my version of it, don't mean squat. Nobody's mind is getting changed. Not worth getting into a tizzy. Find a good distraction and wait for the light to change.

I told my neighbor I was going to plant a crabapple, might bring the tanagers in. He calls me the bird nerd. I think I saw a dark eyed junco prowling through the trash in the Walmart parking lot in O'side today. Had some pretty red winged blackbirds in my tree today too.

I'm about to get real busy at work and am going to get one more excursion under my belt before I do. Will talk soon.

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