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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Tax cuts create economic growth?

Methinks we have heard this tune before. Kansas Republican Says 'Reckless' State Tax Cuts Offer Warning For U.S. Fiscal conservatives decide to add another trillion or two to the national deficit, based upon a rosy economic scenario and projection that has been repeatably shown to not work in real life. Let's not forget the grand Kansas experiment. When it all goes to hell and the projections go awry, as they certainly will, certain congressmen and women will go to bed knowing they peddled America a false bill of goods, knowingly drank the kool-aid and served their masters' bidding very well.

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Jon Harwood said...

It is hard to believe this one is still going around, even harder to believe how many suckers take the bait.

"A trillionaire walks into a bar and hands the best dressed dude a check for $100,000,000,000. All the others raise their glasses and say "thanks for the raise".

Disclaimer: This joke does not apply in this galaxy.