Jelly, jelly so fine

Thursday, February 1, 2018

33.3764° N, 117.2511° W

My good friends Brigitte and Morgan are moving north to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington and Leslie and I wish them both well. It is so beautiful up there. I am sure that they will flourish.

I believe that Brigitte might have been born in Toronto, not sure but I think so. Roughly the same latitude as Sequim, which is 48.0795°. Toronto is 43.6532°.

My wife has told me that she is ready for cooler climes, contemplating a move in a similar direction. She was born in Detroit, latitude 42.3314° N. Did it thirty years my way. Fair enough.

Les P.'s son has recently moved back from Washington to his native Southern California. Reportedly couldn't take the clouds and rain any longer. It depresses some people.

The point I am slowly coming around to is that I think that we like the sun to come from us at the same angle that it was coming at us at the place where we were born.

There is an old indian adage that says that where a man first puts his moccasins will be his home forever.

I was born in San Diego. 32.7157° N, 117.1611° W. Even when I go to San Francisco something is not entirely right for me, light wise.

I am a child of Southern California. I like this latitude. Not that I won't try to adapt if we ever move but 33 degrees is my sweet spot.

Changes in latitude, changes in attitude.


Anonymous said...

multiple hummers always make my day!

Blue Heron said...

Can you stop?

Anonymous said...

Ok, but just because you asked nice...

Max Hall said...

Such beauty Robert. A reminder to stop and look. Thank you...

Brigitte Schlemmer said...

This makes me so happy! You know how much we are going to miss you. But I know we will see you up in the PNW someday. And yes, I was born in Toronto.