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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Palm Springs Modernism 2018

Mrs. Barone outdid herself once again.
Just got back from a fun but grueling six days in Palm Springs exhibiting at the Palm Springs Modernism Show.

The show was great for me. The promoter, Rosemary Krieger from Dolphin Promotions and her staffmates Gordon and Charlie were fantastic to us and we had a really good time. Made a little dough too.

I shared a booth, as always, with Steve Stoops from Stevens Fine Art in Phoenix.

Opening was huge, record breaking, line to get in long. More energy at a show than I can remember in a long time.

We created a nice little annex for furniture. Bought a few nice things too. Had some delicious meals, including lobster benedict at Spencers.

Leslie even came out to join me at the show for a couple days and she hasn't done that in years.

Here is a picture of her with three other girlfriend dealer friends that we went to Italy with. We all went out for drinks. They went out to a drag queen show later. Not really my thing.

Now I am frankly exhausted. I just unloaded the van, am beat, so pictures will have to do for now. Not going to get real wordy.

Annie Forcum from Rosebud with Josie

People watching at the Palm Springs show is just over the top. Human beings of all shapes and flavors.

fabulous band

Kenny with some unsavory types
Ken Stern

The one and only Dennis Boses

If you have never visited Palm Springs during Modernism week I encourage you to do so. Nothing else quite like it.

Great colorful characters and cutting edge material.

Interesting t-shirt design


Anonymous said...

Nice to see a show where the women are women, and the men are too.

Blue Heron said...

Have the decency to sign your name when you decide to be a homophobic piece of excreta.

the management

Finest said...

Actually it's homophonic.

Oscar Tame

Max Hall said...

Odd comment. I didn't get that from the photos at all.

Blue Heron said...

Sometimes it is tough for people to deal with their latent attractions...

Kent said...

Great pics, looks like a mod mod fun world

Ken Seals said...

Really nice set of storytelling photos. Good Job!!

Anonymous said...

Afternoon Rob,
Looks like a very nice show with many interesting people!
I was hoping for a photo of the flash suit you were wearing....