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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Calling Rufus T. Firefly

When I first heard about Trump's intentions for a grand soviet style military parade I thought it was a spoof. Unfortunately I was wrong. Then I flashed on the episode of the Beverly Hillbillies where Jethro drives his Army tank around Griffith Park. Bingo!

If there is a parade, do you think the commander will demand to wear a military uniform? He is the supreme commander you know? Lots of medals on the jacket for what did Tammy Duckworth call him, Corporal Bone spurs? Our first President with five deferments, Kim Jong Don.

A thousand problems, real problems in our military, from PTSD to bad medical care at the V.A. and various forms of chemical exposure and we are going to spend millions of dollars on a dumb parade for our great leader? Perfect! Have to have lots of planes and missiles and ample adoring (not to mention nubile) servicewomen performing rockettes style dance moves. 

I can't quite be sure if this is more Chaplin's Great Dictator or Marx Brother's Duck Soup. But things are getting sillier by the day. Don't you agree, comrade?


Anonymous said...

Just for giggles I contacted the White House and actually got the Teflon Don on the phone......he said he proposed the parade just to burn your ass.....and he did!
Brilliant guy!

Son Tzu

Jon Harwood said...

Just another sign of the tragic descent of the United States into a banana republic ruled by strongmen.

Anonymous said...

For what? So that he can tweet "My parade is bigger than your parade Little Rocket Man."? I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would be looking forward to next week's colonoscopy as a healthy and much needed distraction from this schmuck.

Kerr A. Lott said...

I hope Trump throws the biggest baddest multi-missle military parade of all time. Ever. Huge. NOT SAD.

He'd show that punk Kim Jong Il what's what, who's got the biggest dick, uh, I mean missle.

And yeah, he could dress up like General Bodine, with a chest full of medals! Maybe even a couple of those purple hearts he's always wanted - for bonespurs!

And many many really really big gold medals for his valor in the face of venereal disease.

Maybe a regiment of deportees in chains could march, they could pull big trucks carrying giant ICBMs! Guarded of course by patriotic border patrolmen decked out in cool red white and blue uniforms. And jack boots.