Jelly, jelly so fine

Monday, February 26, 2018


Lesser gold finch
I got all the important things out of the way this morning and decided to take a walk. Didn't feel like driving all the way to SJWA so I ended up at Los Jilgueros Preserve here in Fallbrook. Took a nice walk, smelled the sage.

I got something in my eye the other day and maybe it scratched my eye, I don't know. I didn't sleep well last night because of the pain. Might have to get it checked.

So for whatever reason, I have no energy whatsoever today, could hardly complete my walk. Felt like I had weights tied to my legs.

Saw some birds though, couldn't quite nail them properly but know where to find them for next time.

Like this Nuttal's Downy woodpecker. Just starting to show a little color.

I sold my full frame Nikon D810 the other day. At a significant loss. Best camera I have ever had, it honestly hurt. In fact I think it could be argued as the second best camera in the world.

But I have a new D850 on order. What many consider to be the best dslr out there. Or should I say back order? Me and 4000 other photographers. All anxiously awaiting.

Guy at Samy's Los Angeles says that they have people that ordered January 1 who still don't have cameras. Good thing I am such a patient fellow. Might be several more months.

Like I said, not a lot of captures and a few near misses. Like this yellow rumped or Audubon's Warbler. Don't need a great camera or photograph to identify him.

The warblers at the preserve like to hang out in thickets. If you are a small passerine it makes sense, affords some protection. And since we are on the subject, they found a yellow cardinal the other day in Alabama, read about it here.

You start out wanting to identify the sexy birds, you end up wanting to know every bird.

black phoebe