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Friday, July 5, 2024

Buon appetito

We decided to keep exploring the puff pastry entree tonight and tried some new things.

I bought a hot Italian sausage at Major Market, parboiled it and removed it from the casing. Leslie sauteed spinach, garlic, mushrooms and white wine in butter with the crumbled sausage. 

I prepared the puff pastry and put down a base of ricotta, then added fontina slices on top. I added sun dried tomatoes to mine and we put parmesan over the whole shebang. Little crushed red pepper.

For the third savory treat we cooked shrimp and sausage over the ricotta and added parmesan, no fontina this time. 

It was also delightful.

I am too full for dessert but it is waiting for us.

We put a molasses sugar sweetened ricotta base down and added sweet white peaches, ginger, brown sugar and almonds.

Added more brown sugar and butter to the top.

 Should be good.

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