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Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Dolby and Bailey

Leslie and I braved bad traffic on the 215 and drove up to Riverside yesterday to see a concert. Thomas Dolby was playing at the Fox with Tom Bailey from the Thompson Twins, now fronting an all girl band, Sisters of Mercy.

We both love Thomas Dolby and the restored Fox is the most beautiful old Spanish revival theater you could ever imagine.

We got there a bit early and wandered around the Mission Inn, food there was a bit too pricey for our budget.

We ended up walking around the mall and settled on a highly yelp reviewed restaurant called Palenque.

I had a marvelous cuban sandwich, Leslie had posole.

We still had time to kill and hit shops and a great used bookstore I have been visiting for decades, now on its third owner.

It was hot out but the breeze did help things.

We got to the theater and there was a line stretching around the block.

I was wondering where all these old people were going and then I realized I was one of them.

Very sobering.

I marveled at the architecture. 

I wish that I had brought a real camera.

This was my second visit, the first time we saw Richie Furay and Dave Mason.

Dolby opened. A godly miracle, the good lord has suddenly graced our long time bald singer with a full head of hair. 

He started weaving his magic on the synthesizers and I was transfixed. 

Unbelievable talent, there is nobody else like him. So creative.

His visuals were great too.

Unfortunately I think he has sang his voice out on this tour. 

He hasn't sang in a long time and I think the current schedule has done him in.

No matter, it was still so enjoyable. But he cut his set very short.

Tom Bailey was good too. 

I was shocked at how many of the old fogies next to me knew this 80's music by heart and then I did the math.

Then it made sense.

Probably the oldest crowd I have ever seen, myself included. Leslie said it was even older at the Cruel World concert.

Cruel indeed...

I stayed for about five of Bailey's numbers. Good but not really my thing. 

Neither of us felt great for a variety of reasons and we split.

Hope to see Thomas again when and if he rounds back into top form.

If you get a chance to visit this theater, do so.

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