Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Bye bye, Dave Press

I was sad to hear that Dave Press has died, very recently, from complications of a fall. 

I didn't know Dave that well but I did know his brother Gary. 

Dave moved back to Fallbrook from Mariposa a few years ago.

He, like all of the Press family, was known as a remarkable athlete in his time at Fallbrook High.

Left town and went through a mountain man phase, I reckon.

Dave developed a taste for the grog, somewhere along the way and made no bones about it. 

Ran around town on his scooter and lived in his camper. 

Usually had a flask of some libation in tote. 

Stayed drunk but never lost his smarts or sense of humor. Had an honest laugh.

Took a while to figure him out and it turned out he was just another human being.

I liked the guy. We would talk quite a bit in front of the hearth. 

He and Brett got along really great and would often hang out.

I believe he had a kid or two somewhere.  I know that he will be missed.

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Blue Heron said...

“Sorry to hear about Dave Press. I’ve known his brothers Glen and Gary many years. May he rest in peace and condolences to the family. “

Debbie Ramsey