Madrone sunrise, Point Lobos

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Be stoked

I am not a big technology guy, never really needed to have the latest and greatest anything. The cell phone camera on my HTC One is definitely a notch or two under its competitors. Still there are times when an imperfect picture is better than none at all. Seldom about the gear...

Brett had surgery on his neck a few weeks ago and popped his head out of his cubbyhole for the first time this morning. Six more weeks of summer. I snapped a couple shots with my phone to memorialize the event.

They had to cut through his rhomboid and trapezius to get to the right cervical areas and I guess it hasn't been a picnic.

Hope he gets to feeling better soon. Nice to see him out.


Sanoguy said...

Thanks for sharing! Go Brett, go!

grumpy said...

i must say the brace looks cool though i'm sure it's uncomfortable as hell...pobrecito...