Egret and crab

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Buffalo Springfield

Millard just sent this over. An unusual lineup with Crosby in the mix. He thinks late before CSN. Do you all get tired of all the psychedelia I put up? What kind of music would you all like to hear on the blog? Am I still too bluesy and twangy? Need to get funky again. I sort of dug the gospel stuff.


grumpy said...

loved the Lefty Frizell youtubes you posted, his voice just melts your heart...Springfield and CSN, great also...

Anonymous said...

Do not change the music you post one bit……….. and the photo of you and Leslie in the autumn leaves w/the trees all aflame is wonderful.

And the Tiger Woods bit you penned is spot on; I did not know the cheating heart language that was included in the pre-nup agreements of Buffet and Gates. I am NOT a believer in Karma, but in grace, yet, the Bible does say something about a tree and its fruit that it bears. Not much has changed since the days of King Solomon as he wrote in Ecclesiastes, except for the weapons of mass destruction (?). All this said, let’s vow to remain positive as hope reigns eternal.

Peace & Freedom, Joe