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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

On the declining slope

Favorite blog curmudgeon Millard Fillmore had a birthday yesterday. Fillmore, the pride of the San Fernando valley, got very defensive when I asked him just how many trips around the sun he had actually taken?

He says that it is less than 60 and not to use the words silver or senior in his presence. Here's to facing the downhill slide with a little dignity, Millard. Happy Birthday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the rest of you. Have a great time with whomever and try not to drink and drive. And to all of you native americans out there - aren't you glad the white man showed up?


Anonymous said...

There's another member of an Ethnic minority that has it all over your sorry pretentious ass:


This guy is Executive Producer, Host of his blog! Read his Bio! He's even got a Widget! Sheeeiit, MoFuh!

Blue Heron said...

I get my ass kicked by this guy solely by nature of his cool first name, Zenophon. I cant help it if my parents were boring.